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Simple, Instant and Secure Mobile Payments

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Mobile Payments Done Right

Send money to friends and make payments to supported merchants using a modern payments interface

Industry Grade Security

Biometric authentication, 2FA and data encryption using SSL security.

Works with any Singapore Bank Account

Top up your HitPay cash balance using FAST supported internet banking platform and cash out your balance anytime to any Singapore bank account.

Track and Monitor Transactions

Keep track of completed and pending transactions, set up reminders and more.

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Lightning Fast Payments

Transfer cash to any Singapore mobile number or to phone contacts. Alternatively scan your recipient’s HitPay QR code to send money instantly without storing mobile numbers.

QR Code

Scan and Pay using QR Codes

Scan your friend’s or merchant’s HitPay QR code to send money instantly without storing mobile numbers.

Advanced Notifications

Send payment reminders to friends who owe you cash and set up pending payments alerts. Alerts for low balance and daily transfer limits.


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Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers all the questions asked by our users before. We decide to compile all of them together, so that this section can be served to clear up all the doubts for every new user.

What is HitPay App?

HitPay App is a simple, instant and secure way to send or request cash from friends and family. Say goodbye to security dongles, confusing payment interfaces and enjoy a mobile-first approach that allows you to complete transactions to contacts with valid Singapore mobile numbers with a couple of quick taps on your device.

Features include a simple and user friendly payments interface, top class mobile security and data encryption, lightning fast payments, sophisticated transaction tracking and monitoring features and advanced payment alerts and notifications

HitPay App works with ANY Singapore bank account so you can top up your HitPay cash balance using the internet banking platform of your choice and withdraw your HitPay cash balance anytime to any Singapore bank account.

What do I need to open a HitPay App account?

To open a HitPay App account, you are required to

1. Be a Singapore resident with a valid NRIC
2. Aged 16 years and older
3. Hold a Singapore Bank account number and
4. Hold a Singapore registered mobile number

HitPay Payment Solutions Pte Ltd, the holder of HitPay stored value facility reserves the right to request additional verification documents from HitPay account holders at any time.

Is HitPay App secure to use?

HitPay App uses the best in class mobile and server security protocols such as fingerprint authentication (Available for iPhone 5s and above users only), 2 factor authentication and data encryption using SSL technology.

Our servers are hosted on Amazon Web Services and all transactions are protected by 2048-bit encryption.

We take security and data privacy very seriously and encourage users to read our terms of conditions and privacy policy.

How do I top up my HitPay Cash Balance?

Topping up your HitPay cash balance is super easy and most importantly familiar and secure.


Log in to your internet banking platform and add HitPay as a new payee. Indicate your HitPay registered Mobile Number under ‘My Initials’ or ‘Display Name’


Use the below bank details when adding HitPay as a new payee.

Bank Name : DBS Bank Account Name : HitPay Bank Account Number : 0039366116


Transfer your preferred top up value to HitPay

TOP UP PROCESSING TIME Within 15 mins between 9 am to 9pm

Can I withdraw HitPay Cash Balance to my bank account?

Yes. Log in to the app and click on ‘Send to Bank Account’ from the menu to withdraw your HitPay cash balance to ANY *Singapore bank account.

* Bank account holder name should be the same as HitPay account name.

Can I send or request cash to friends who do not have a HitPay App account ?

Yes you can. After you have sent cash or requested cash from a friend, your friend will receive an SMS alert to download HitPay app and sign up for a HitPay App account to claim cash sent or approve cash request.

In case of cash sent to a non HitPay account holder, if the recipient does not sign up for the HitPay App account within 14 days, the amount sent is returned to the original sender.

Is HitPay App free to use?

Yes, HitPay App is completely free to use. No hidden fees or transaction fees to send / request money, top up or withdraw HitPay cash balance.

What are the limits applicable to HitPay App users?

Maximum Cash Balance : S$999
Monthly Transfer Limit : S$3000